CRKT Freyr Tactical Axe

If ever there was a group of folks who knew how to make a sturdy and effective chopping tool, it was the vikings. And who better to create a modern-day recreation of that legendary viking device than veteran-turned-blacksmith Elmer Roush, one of the minds behind CRKT’s Forged By War line? If the new Freyr Tactical Axe is any indication, the answer is nobody.

Inspired by designs that were tried and true for literal thousands of years, this one-handed hatchet is constructed from a combination of corrosion-resistant, hot-forged 1055 carbon steel and strong Tennessee hickory wood. And the badass design isn’t just for looks, either. It offers both balance and a bit of functionality. For instance, the bearded design to the axe head makes for a useful prying tool, as well as shaving off just a bit of weight. Named after the Norse god of prosperity, this robust outdoor tool is sure to come in handy – whether you need to chop some firewood or, perhaps, defend your kingdom from invading hordes. Get one now for $72.

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