Byton Autonomous Electric Vehicle

The future is here, and we may not have flying cars ala The Jetsons, but we are on the cusp of massive alterations to our experience behind the wheel that will change driving as we know it forever. One of those pioneers in this emerging market is Byton and their semi-autonomous electric vehicle concept has us at the edge of our seats with anticipation for the future of the automotive industry.

Draped in aluminum and perched on four wheels, the form of this concept screams everyday SUV, but that is where ordinary perception ends and otherworldly imagination begins. As the driver enters the car facial recognition scanners identify who will be in control and uploads their saved settings from cloud connectivity, enabling any Byton on the planet to feel like home. A massive 49-inch display stretches across the dashboard and is controlled by hand gesture technology, allowing any of the four passengers in the vehicle to control what is viewed on this screen. Byton has also partnered with Amazon to integrate Alexa Voice into its control commands, allowing you to add groceries to your shopping list while you simultaneously browse social media, in the fast lane.

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