Bell Urban Air Taxi

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about turning the skies around cities into commuter express lanes, but too few companies are actually working toward that goal in a meaningful way. Thankfully those that are have been making impressive leaps and bounds. Take, for instance, Bell Helicopter – who just unveiled their Urban Air Taxi at this year’s CES.

So the story goes, this tech-forward chopper (which looks like something out of Star Trek) is geared toward revolutionizing urban travel. When it officially launches, the brand says it will be flown by a flesh-and-bone pilot, but will eventually switch to become a AI-driven platform, meaning there will be seating for 4 passengers and all the flying will be done by the onboard computer. The flying cab will also be fully connected – offering onboard Wi-Fi, video calling, wireless charging, and more. This future transport is still in the infant concept stages, but if this is the future of travel, we’re ready to welcome it with open arms.

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