1989 Volkswagen T3 Doka Syncro

In the automotive world cult followings are a dime a dozen. From old to new, there is a group of fanatics out there loyal to a single model they believe to be as good as it gets. One of the more obscure vehicles to garnish a fandom of followers is the Volkswagen T3 Doka, and an even smaller crowd that chases the elusive Syncro 4x4s, making this modified unit from 1989 light up the eyes of a select few.

Perched on new sets of Fox Shox coilovers and bypass shocks, the crew at Dunn Tech Motorsports then fortified her with tubular bumpers and front/rear skid plates, modifying this T3 Doka Syncro to be a Baja ready chase vehicle. Power is produced by a 2.4L four cylinder from GM and delivered to all four wheels by a transmission custom fit by The Wright Gear Box. Seating for 5 in the freshly redone interior is complemented with a full length sunroof, keeping the cab of this truck prime for guests. Fold down bedsides give access to a tool box and spare tire, leaving plenty of room for hauling gear, giving maximum versatility to this little backcountry beast.

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