2018 KTM X-Bow GT4

Those that live and breathe auto racing know the GT4 European Cup Series is the premier venue to spot up-and-coming amateur drivers. The class rules allow only non-professional drivers operating factory-made vehicles that must be publicly available.

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has been a contender in global auto competition since 2015 and have cemented their entry to the GT4 Series with their newly launched X-Bow GT4. Working with German powerhouse Reiter Engineering to produce 15 race-ready units for 2018, the X-Bow GT4 is a fully homologated track machine, so you won’t be seeing any on your daily commute. Updates to the GT4 over previous models include a fully covered jet-fighter style cockpit, multiple chassis and suspension modifications, and a transmission capable of harnessing a sustained 515 foot pounds of torque. Audi supplied the ponies for the GT4 with a turbocharged 2.0-liter pumping 360 HP to the 2,200 pound racer, making this feather light whip a power packed asphalt annihilator.

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