2018 Vespa Elettrica Electric Scooter

It was at last year’s EICMA in Milan where Vespa first released teaser info on the Elettrica – an all-electric scooter compete with a sleek body style and design. Now, at this year’s convention, we’ve been gifted with some additional specs on the scooter that’s slated to hit production and be actively sold in 2018.

Each Elettrica delivers a customized, clean and silent experience for the rider, offering a range of up to 62 miles on a full charge. Also, the new Vespa looks to deliver performance at or greater than that of a traditional 50cc scooter thanks to a new power unit providing continuous power of 2 kW along with a peak power of 4 kW. These specs result in upwards of 147 ft-lbs of torque and the entire scooter fully charges in as little as four hours. It’s also equipped with a multimedia platform the can connect a smartphone to the vehicle and, despite that absence of a price tag at the time of publishing, looks to serve as a viable option for the urban commuter.

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