2018 Porsche 911 RSR Le Mans Race Cars

Racing has been a part of Porsche for as long as the manufacturer has existed; it’s practically ingrained in their DNA. And with a racing history, so too comes a lot of different liveries of significance. This year, Porsche is paying tribute to two of their most legendary liveries with their two 911 RSR Le Mans race cars.

Mechanically, the cars are exactly the same (as they’d have to be), boasting a 510-horsepower sengine, race-ready body work, and everything else you’d expect from a top-tier competition car. But the difference lies in the paint – the first boasting the “Pink Pig” style of the 917/20 from 1971 and the second a blue-and-white finish with red and gold stripes reminiscent of the period-correct Rothmans sponsor colors that appeared on Porsche’s vehicles throughout the ’80s. You’ll have a chance to watch these two street demons compete on June, 16th 2018 once the flag drops.

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