2018 Mercedes AMG-GT S Roadster

The Mercedes AMG GT series is constantly innovating and supplementing its family tree of high-performance sports cars. Situated between the Mercedes AMG GT and the GT C, the newest edition to the Mercedes AMG family finds a comfortable groove between its similarly open-air siblings. More mature than the base GT model, and with only a negligibly smaller output than its bigger brother GT C, the Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster is a mighty middle child.

An open-air roadster sculpted with a dynamic look, the AMG GT S backs up its sporting appearance with a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine that delivers an output of 384 kW, which equates to 522 HP, a substantial step up from the base GT’s 350 kw and 470 hp. With 495 lb-ft. of torque, the GT S eclipses the OG GT, which generates around 486 lb-ft. The senior-most of the line, the GT C still holds an advantage in both categories (410 kW [557 hp], 501 lb-ft. torque), but the GT S Roadster’s lightweight aluminum spaceframe and the introduction of other lightweight composite materials narrow the gap – 0-60 times are separated by only 0.1 seconds. Five different drive modes to select from, including a personally-programmable setup “I” for individual, make the Roadster a fun and personal drive. The dazzling Roadster is an excellent alternative for those who want more than a basic GT, but would prefer to steer clear of the CT C. Despite its central status between the two AMG GTs, the Roadster is far from middle of the road.

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