2018 Lincoln Navigator Concept

The Lincoln Navigator just got jaw dropping with their new concept SUV. From the looks of its huge gullwing doors, the vehicle looks ready for takeoff. The concept also features a three step running board that drops down upon opening the doors.

Under the hood of this concept lies a new chassis, a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine pushing out more than 400hp to get you and your passengers from A to B quickly and efficiently. Inside the cabin, the concept hosts a six-seat configuration in an interior that’s dressed in light-blue leather. Each of the six seats are adjustable in 30 ways to ensure passenger comfort, and in the rear of the vehicle, Lincoln installed a custom wardrobe management system that can house all a multitude of gear for any day trip or additional suits for the impromptu Vegas trip with your buddies. On the tech side, the Lincoln includes the latest Pre-Collision Assist, a 360-degree camera with parking assist, lane keeping, and wifi connectivity in the cabin. This concept is something to get excited about. We’ll just have to wait and see if Mathew McConaughey starts driving this thing in the near future.

Lincoln Concept SUV 1

Lincoln Concept SUV2 2

Lincoln Concept SUV 4

Lincoln Concept SUV 5

Lincoln Concept SUV 6

Lincoln Concept SUV 7

Lincoln Concept SUV 8