2018 Land Rover Defender 110 Flying Huntsman 6×6

There’s only so much customization you can infuse into a vehicle before it becomes something else entirely. However, when it comes to the classic Land Rover Defender SUVs, the folks at Kahn Design have made an art out of toeing that line — imbuing their offerings with plenty of new bits without losing the spirit of the donor ride. That’s exactly the case with this 2018 Land Rover Defender 110 Flying Huntsman 6×6.

Taking a look at the front end, this vehicle is unmistakably a Land Rover. But any more than a cursory glance and you’ll notice that it’s a bit bigger than the brand’s more common offerings. That’s because this one is a legendary Flying Huntsman 6×6, powered by a 2.2 TDCi diesel engine that, while not particularly quick, is powerful enough to get you and up to nine passengers (yes, you read that right) anywhere you might need to go. This particular example also boasts all-wheel-drive, electronic traction control, anti-lock brakes, onboard satellite navigation, and a good deal more added by Kahn. Best of all, this monolithic luxury off-roader can be yours for $315,000.

Purchase: $315,000