2018 Indian Scout Sixty ‘Shrimp’ By Anvil

Though it’s popularity as a sport has waned, flat track racing was once a huge deal across the United States. And Indian – the oldest surviving motorcycle brand in the USA – was a huge part of it. Now, as a tribute to one of their team riders from the early 1900s, they’ve commissioned this gorgeous 2018 Indian Scout Sixty from French custom shop, Anvil Motociclette.

Named after Albert ‘Shrimp’ Burns (a prolific rider who started at the young age of 14), is actually slated for competition. Piloted by Italian rider, Emanuele Marzotto, this stunning two-tone bike will participate in the El Rollo flat track race this Sunday. There, spectators will be able to marvel at its custom swingarm setup, Ohlins front forks and twin shock tail end, hand-beaten steel tank, and a bevy of other upgrades that totaled 300 hours of work. A beautiful piece of functional art, this is a fitting tribute to a legendary racer. [H/T: Pipeburn]
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