2018 Honda Super ‘Scrambler’ Cub By K-Speed

Photos: Theerawat Preepool

When Thai rap legend Joey Boy approached Eak and the crew at K-Speed about building him a completely custom scrambler based on their Super Power Cub, the idea of fabricating an off-road ready variant almost killed the project before it ever had a chance to get off the ground. But Eak knew exactly what approach to take by learning from the previous build, then executed perfectly, and delivered to the rapper a truly unique motorcycle, the 2018 Super Scrambler Cub.

In similar fashion to the aforementioned Cub build, the Super Scrambler started with a new 2018 Super Cub 110i donor that first received a trim job to the rear fender to tidy up the look of the civilian trim stock bike. Then they completely lost the factory cargo rack and many of the standard safety covers, reducing the bulky original appearance and keeping only the bare essentials. The standard handlebars were ditched in favor of a custom tracker style riser set and the headlight fairing was completely removed and replaced by a fork mounted unit. Mods to the engine include an oversized piston, injection module upgrade, and the conversion to a manual clutch, prepping the pint sized scrambler for a life of letting roost fly from its killer set of aggressive knobby tires.

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