2018 Honda Super Power Cub By K-Speed

Photos: OverRide Photo

You might meet the nicest people on a Honda, but on the streets of Thailand you might meet a badass. With Thai factories beginning to manufacture the most produced motor vehicle of all time, K-Speed put their magic to work on customizing this 2018 Honda Super Power Cub to mark the occasion.

Tearing into the bone-stock Super Cub, K-Speed tore down the classic looking front cowling and handlebar cover, dropping the headlight to right above the tire. Custom shaped bars replace the factory unit which bumped the bikes control switches down near the steering stem, cleaning up the cockpit for a no-frills look. Larger fork covers encase the stock suspension to give a bulky appearance up front, which is well balanced by the high profile retro looking Vee Rubber tires. The rear fender got chopped and replaced by a one-off shorty style component with low-profile LED signals, and the swingarm was subbed for an aluminum member and shocks swapped for adjustable pieces. Capped off with a pin-stripe stitched leather seat and lastly sprayed down with black and white finish, the Super Power Cub is mean and clean in a matte sheen.

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