2018 Honda Monkey

Known throughout the 70s as a groovy icon of the counterculture, the Honda Monkey was first exported to the U.S. and Europe back in 1963 and quickly caught on in popularity. Now, Honda Powersports is back in action with an all-new 2018 iteration complete with a larger 125cc air-cooled engine.

Purposed for modern life in the 21st-century city, the new 2018 Honda Monkey maintains the classic aesthetic of prior models – its trapezoid silhouette, compact length, and simple curved surfaces – but this time with modern tech to help round things out. For example, we’re talking a digital full-LCD circular display, LED lighting, and single-channel ABS system. The enhanced engine also now boasts an output of 9 horses – which may not sound like a lot until you learn the curb weight on this thing is only 236 lbs. Additional features include a USD front forks complete with a premium Alumite finish, dual rear shocks with 104mm of travel, and fat 12-inch block pattern tires for a smooth ride. Slated to go on sale later this year.

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