2018 Ducati Desert Sled ‘Alaskan’ By Earle Motors

Alex Earle works out of Volkswagen/Ducati’s Santa Monica, California studio by day. But when he isn’t designing cars, he likes to get his hands dirty making custom motorcycles. And while a lot of his bikes are very cool, he may have just outdone himself with his latest: a 2018 Ducati Desert Sled he’s called ‘Alaskan.’

As you might guess from its appearance and name, this moto is a study in long-haul off-roading, with a kevlar-plated underbelly, all-terrain knobby tires, beefed-up lighting, crash bars, and more. It also has a main 6-gallon gas tank and an auxiliary one that carries an extra 2 gallons. And all that added capability and durability is complemented perfectly by the bike’s simple, air-cooled 75-horsepower 803cc engine. But our absolute favorite thing about this bike – besides the fact that they actually took it out for testing in the Alaskan backcountry – is the NASA-inspired styling, which makes this bike look like something you’d maybe take for a spin on an uncolonized alien world.

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