2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon By SpeedKore

To call the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon a maniacal American muscle car is maybe an understatement. The fact is, it was so powerful off the lot that it was banned from participating in officially-sanctioned drag races. So what do the folks at SpeedKore do when they get their hands on it? Well, they make it even more menacing, of course.

So, how does one take one of the most absurd production vehicles of all time and make it even more absurd? For starters, they swapped the body for an all-carbon fiber one, cutting down significantly on the weight. Then, they pulled out the supercharger and swapped it for dual T4 turbos. The result: 1,400 bhp (up from 840) and a 1/4 mile time that’s cut down by nearly a full second from 9.65 to 8.77. By the way, it crosses the 1/4 mile marker doing a full 161 mph. This absolutely bonkers 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be making its debut at SEMA at the end of this month — but who knows if it will ever become anything more than the psychotic concept car that it is. We can dream, right?

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