2018 Bugatti Chiron Sky View Hypercar

We’re pretty sure there’s nobody out there who could claim that Bugatti’s $3 million hypercar, the Chiron, is anything shy of absolute opulence. Shockingly, however, the makers behind it weren’t completely satisfied with it. So, they gave it the one thing it was missing: a moonroof.

Called ‘Sky View,’ this new option is the pinnacle of luxury – as it gives owners two overhead windows to gaze up at the cosmos above. And yes, that’s on top of all the other lavishness, like the 1,500-horsepower 8-liter engine, all-wheel drive system, and absurdly well-appointed interior. Of course, since it’s Bugatti we’re talking about, those windows are not simply made from normal glass; they are four composite layered portholes that block UV light and even minimize noise from the outside. Set for a reveal at Monterey Car Week, 2018, this might just be the final evolution of this elegant hypercar.

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