Zanco Tiny t1 Mobile Phone

As a general rule of thumb, technology tends to decrease in size as we iterate off previous designs. It’s been the case with computers, tablets, and of course cellular phones. Simply take a look back the design of the first mobile phone to hit the market in the early 70s compared with smartphones today and you’ll certainly notice a trend.

Now, the Zanco tiny t1 takes this movement to its logical conclusion. Modeled after an old Nokia phone, it’s the world’s smallest fully-functional mobile phone. Measuring in at only 47mm x 21mm x 12 mm the Zanco is also a text and call-friendly option for those looking to stay semi-connected without remaining glued to their smartphone screen for the majority of the day. The little device also only weighs in at 13g, operates on a 2G network, and hosts a battery life worth of 3 days standby time and with 180 minutes of talk time. Available now for reservation on Kickstarter.

Purchase: $40+

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