Villa Boreale by Cargo Architecture

If a person had to guess why it is that Scandinavian design has such a minimal, clean look to it – it’d be reasonable to assume it had something to do with all the snow that region gets. Snow, like minimalist design, has the unique quality of whiting out otherwise textured, vibrant landscapes and reducing them to their most essential form. That is maybe why the Scandinavian-inspired Villa Boreale home looks most in its element immediately after snowstorms.

Located in Charlevoix, Quebec, this large barn offers a modernist resting place for tired skiers and overworked vacationers looking for a warm refuge. Designed by Cargo Architecture, the building boasts simple, strong lines and contrasting white cedar and metal cladding on the exterior of the home. Inside there are 4 bedrooms with 7 beds and room enough to accommodate up to 12 guests. And just outside the home, there is a large hot tub and chair-lift bench for sitting back and enjoying the simple pleasure of watching snow fall to the ground.

Rent: $381/Night

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