Land Rover Defender ‘Millennium Falcon’

The folks at East Coast Defender have made a habit out of creating some of the most legendary bespoke SUVs in the world. Though, many of them have been relatively low-tech. Unsurprisingly, when it came time to build their first high-tech version, they turned to another legendary vehicle – the Millenium Falcon.

While it shares a name (and a similarly dark gray paint job) with Han Solo’s old ship from the Star Wars franchise, this custom SUV is about as brand-spanking new as they come. Under the hood, it’s got a 6.2-liter 430 horsepower Chevrolet LS3 engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. To match that power, it also has a full roll cage, 18″ Boost/Kahn black alloy wheels, and a Borla exhaust. But what makes this beast so tech-forward can be found in the cab. The Millenium Falcon Defender 90’s interior features LED lighting throughout, a built-in Amazon Echo unit, and doubles as a WiFi hotspot. She might not actually cruise the stars, but this SUV is the closest thing to a road-going spaceship we’ve seen in a long time.

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