iKamper EatOut Outdoor Kitchen System

Picnics are relaxing for everyone but the chef. The effort it takes to prepare everything, pack it all up, and then cook the food without it winding up in the dirt can be pretty substantial. Or at least it was before the iKamper EatOut Outdoor Kitchen System.

This convenient box folds out to reveal two windproof gas burners, table space for preparing and eating meals, a kitchen utensil rack, and plenty of storage space for bringing along food. And because mother nature doesn’t always get along – the EatOut also features a large stand with a waterproof and rugged LED light, and a waterproof birch plywood tabletop. All of this means that the food and equipment needed for a picnic or camping trip can be put into one, easy to transport aluminum box that’ll stand up to whatever nature throws at you.

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