Glide Pod Garden Office

There is a time, place, and space for everything in life. But as the very definition of ‘work’ has begun to shift, once rigid rules about where and when we get our work done are blurring. Thankfully for those who put in long hours at home, there are structures like the Glide Pod Garden Office to better segment our work and home lives.

Essentially a detached room, this space is purpose-built for those looking to put in billable hours without leaving their own property. The room features large glass floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding louvered screens for providing privacy and shade throughout the day. High performance natural insulation keeps heat from escaping the pod, while additional acoustic layering makes the room practically soundproof – ideal for those who prefer working in silence (or for someone looking to learn how to play the saxophone without losing their family). An additional shower and kitchen can be added to the base model provided by Pod – though without those add-ons most homeowners can completely circumvent the municipal and state planning costs and permissions they’d otherwise need to build a structure in their back yard.

Purchase: $38,807

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