Best Made Microsilk Cap of Courage

This summer we got a bit of a surprise in our inbox; Best Made Company, a lifestyle brand based out of New York, had been bought by Bolt Threads. We’d never heard about the Emeryville-based company before, but a quick search revealed the startup specialized in spider silk textiles of all things. Go figure. Fast forward six months, and now we have the Best Made Microsilk Cap of Courage.

The first of its kind, this cap uses bioengineered silk that has an identical molecular structure to a specific type of spider silk called dragline silk (fun fact: spiders actually produce seven different types for specific tasks). Bolt Threads has found a way to combine this one-of-a-kind thread with American Rambouillet wool from Wyoming to create a warm, comfortable, and sustainable American-made fabric. But Best Made isn’t just relying on the unique quality and origins of the fabric alone here. The brand applied their signature touch to design 10 attractive and incredibly limited caps. Only a small number have been made – but given the nature of Best Made’s relationship we’re expecting to see more where this came from.

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