Barbara Future Custom Motorcycles

A while back, we found out about an excellent project by the folks over at Barbara Future Motorcycles. What they were doing was taking photos of real bikes and rendering them digitally to show what they could look like if they were customized. Now, they’re back at it. Only instead of just sprucing up some old bikes, they’ve taken a look into the future.

This new series tackles some of the greatest brands of the motorcycle world – like Triumph, BMW, Husqvarna, and Honda – and jettisons their signature stances and styling into the year 2050. With the exception, perhaps, of the Triumph, our favorite thing about these future visions is that – in spite of their sci-fi stylings – they still retain plenty of the cues that make the brands stick out from one another. It’s hard to say if we’ll ever get to see any of these out-of-this-world bikes on the street, but we’d certainly not be opposed if some of the brands took their styling in this direction.

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