Whisky Me Delivery Service

Today it seems like there’s a subscription service for just about everything. From apparel to vinyl to outdoor gear, we’re slowing arriving at the point where brick and mortar storefronts may soon become obsolete. And if Whisky Me has anything to say about it, your nearest package store may be next.

Introducing a subscription service any whisky lover can get behind. Not only because of its convenience, but also due to its affordability. Here, two bar owners in London decided to offer a service in response to the overwhelming variety of whisky options available on the market. So, for as little a $9 a month, you’ll get a 5cl dram of delicious single malt straight from the premier distilleries delivered right to your doorstep. Each month’s offering is different than the last and they’re shipped for free in a pouch that’s about the size of a Capri Sun – except you’ll be upgrading from sugar-infused water to sweet, sweet delicious whisky. They’re currently only operating in the UK but with an increased membership and interest, the US could very well be next on the docket. Here’s to raising awareness.

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