Tesla Powerbank

Looking for the right phone accessory from the internationally renowned brand known for their proprietary battery power? Tesla has just released a sleek new portable battery pack for smartphones. Now, whether you’re whipping around in a new Tesla Roadster or out and about at the campsite but forgot a traditional charger, those important work-related emails won’t go unanswered.

Fully functional with both iPhone and Android smartphones, each Tesla Powerbank comes equipped with an integrated USB, micro USB, and Apple lightning connection for easy charging on the go. The high-efficiency circuitry delivers a battery with a maximum 3350mAh capacity, and the design for the piece is inspired by Tesla’s supercharger monument at their design studio in Hawthorne, CA. Both reliable and well-designed, it’s an ideal addition to both fans of the Tesla brand and those interested in learning more about their technology.

Purchase: $45

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