Tesla All-Electric Semi Truck

Love them or hate them, Tesla is among the most disruptive companies ever to hit the American road. Not only have they made electric cars sexy, but they’ve pushed new, exciting technology to market before anyone else. Their newest envelope-pushing development? The Tesla Semi.

This truck features a bevy of impressive specs. Powered by four independent electric motors with a range of 500 miles, the semi can hit 60 miles per hour in as little as 20-seconds with a load of 80-thousand pounds. For truckers that often drive through mountain passes? The truck can fly up a 5% grade at up to 65 miles per hour. But more than just boasting serious power, the biggest selling point on this semi is its fuel savings. Tesla estimates that during the lifetime of ownership with this vehicle, an operator can save up to $200,000 in fuel costs and will have a short, two year payback period. And of course, because it is a Tesla after all, the Semi will feature an Enhanced Autopilot software that helps drivers avoid collisions, and a unique centralized cockpit for better visibility.

Reserve: $5,000

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