Orbitkey Ring, Clip & Strap

Having already created one of the best everyday carry key organizers of all time – and several permutations therein – the folks at Orbitkey have decided to focus their expertise on some new gear. And wouldn’t you know it, they came up with a 3-piece life-easing set that they are calling simply their Ring, Clip & Strap.

It starts with the keyring, a seemingly basic piece of carry that they have improved upon by reimagining it as a 2-piece locking slider (patent-pending) that’s as frustration-free to add or remove keys as it is secure when closed. The Ring is also the key ingredient in the other two pieces of gear. For instance, the Clip – a keychain carabiner – features the keyring plus an elongated clip that utilizes a similar locking system. The two pieces are connected together by an easy-to-use and innovative clasp strap. The Strap also includes a keyring and the same clasp system as the Clip, but the form is more like a long lanyard or a camera strap. Together they are a trio of beautiful, functional, premium pieces of everyday carry gear. Back the project on Kickstarter now starting at $13.

Kickstarter: $13+

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