Givenchy VR Goggles

If Google Glass taught Silicon Valley anything, it was that software and hardware companies aren’t all that great at designing things that people actually want to wear. Apple took that lesson seriously and brought on Hermès to help them develop watch straps. Now Jaehyun Ha of Korean studio PDF Haus has extrapolated on that approach with the conceptual Givenchy VR goggles.

Looking like a high-design version of Snapchat’s Spectacles, these boutique VR sunglasses are intended to look as striking as they are useful. Both designs, the strap version and the second with temples, go into VR or AR mode when the tinted glasses are flipped up. For an optimal AR experience, the clear lenses have a focusing ring as well as an actual camera on the bridge. There is no indication that these will ever be anything more than a concept – but if they are, you’ll likely find us in line for a pair.

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