Circa Smart Alarm Clock

Most alarm clocks are pretty basic – they tell the time and blast your ears with an annoying siren to wake you up in the morning. The folks behind the Circa smart alarm clock, however, believe they can be better, more soothing, and multi-functional.

Even as a regular bedside clock, the Circa is outstanding, thanks to its beautiful minimalist design. But this device is so much more than just a clock. For instance, it can link to your smartphone to send you bedtime reminders, thus helping you keep a healthier sleep schedule. It can also lull you to sleep with soothing sounds and wake you back up just as gently – using a super thin under-mattress sensor to wake you when you’re in light sleep. It’s even WiFi-enabled, so you can use it to stream music with your favorite services. It will even connect to the rest of your smart devices, allowing you to control anything – like, say, your lights – from the Circa itself. Back the project on Kickstarter now for $213.

Kickstarter: $213+

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