BMW R1100R ‘Khan’ Concept

Known for his outlandish futuristic takes on contemporary motorcycles, Mehmet Doruk Erdum – a designer by trade – works to get us quite amped for what the years ahead could potentially hold in terms of two-wheeled mayhem.

The newest design, based off a BMW R1100R looks straight from the next century courtesy of a massive body/fairing combo up from that protects the front wheel and suspension. It’s aerodynamic nature, possibly alluding to the Batbike, ensures the formidable 1085cc engine delivers the greatest possible performance on the road. Out the back is a fat racing tire as well that could suggest a few conceptional aftermarket upgrades here as well, but it’s honestly the insanely aggressive front end and meaty exhaust that won us over here. Here’s to hopefully seeing these on road in a few decades. Maybe.

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