Be. Battery-Free Powered Toothbrush

There is a lot about modern life to be thankful for. Having to charge your toothbrush is not one of them. That is the insight that drove the development of the brilliantly simple Be. Battery-Free Toothbrush from Goodwill Co.

This vibrating toothbrush makes use of a surprisingly complicated manually winding mechanism that transfers stored kinetic energy into over 80,000 oscillating brush strokes. All users have to do in order to get this toothbrush humming is throw on some toothpaste, give the base of the brush two twists, and then hit the power button. Just like that the, you’ll be on the way to a cleaner set of chompers. But more than just keeping your mouth clean, this innovation from the small Portland, Oregon-based design and manufacturing team promises to keep our planet clean, too. The American-made brush makes use of biodegradable refills, and does its part to keep batteries from ending up in landfills. Sonicare, who?

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