Ringo Starr’s 1966 Mini Cooper S

As far as motor vehicles are concerned, the Mini was quite iconic during the 60s. This also happened to be a peak decade for famed music group – The Beatles – who actually owned may iterations of the Mini line. One such member, however, needed a bit more room in his ride to accommodate his drum kit.

So, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr opted for this hatchback conversion of the ’66 Mini Cooper ’S’ in order to safely and securely transport his drum kit from place to place. It was all part of a personal gift to each member of the group by their manager Brian Epstein who commissioned Harold Radford & Co to customize each ride. Ringo’s Mini, seen here, features folding rear seats and an upward opening rear hatch to load and unload a drum kit with ease, sport bucket seats up front, a leather Moto-Lita steering wheel, wooden dash, a sunroof, and electric windows. Two-tone paintwork in maroon and silver along with alloy wheels and louvered vents on the hood all adorn the exterior as well. Clearly a rare work of art, it’s slated to hit the auction block next month in London where it’s expected to sell for at least $120,000.

Purchase: $120,000+

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