Auction Block: 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior Tractor

While it comes as no surprise that Dr. F Porsche was hard at work designing the “people’s car” in 1930’s Germany, the automotive manufacturer was also hard a work designing reliable tractor of German farm and industrial use, later known as the “people’s tractor.”

Now, here’s an opportunity to own one of the later versions of Porsche’s family line of tractors. Dubbed “Junior,” this iteration was the smallest member of the lineup during the production years of 1956 to 1963. During that time, they were built at the old German Zeppelin factory where over 125,000 tractors were produced and subsequently shipped all over Europe. What’s also worth pointing out is the hydraulic coupling between the engine and the transmission allowing for smooth shifting – a design hallmark for the time. This particular version is found finished in red with cream wheels and remains in excellent condition and ready for use on both the farm and in the fields just how Dr. Porsche himself intended.

Purchase: $30,000+

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