Arkup Livable Yacht

If you can afford them, yachts can be a supremely pleasing investment. But with the increasing volatility of nature and the recent string of devastating hurricanes, most yachts are not safe places to be. Arkup’s Livable Yachts, however, are designed to withstand up to category 4 hurricanes.

Obviously, if the renderings are any indication, these floating homes are about as opulent as it gets – with the standard layout featuring 2 floors, a fully-featured kitchen, dining area, living room, 4 bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms (or you can completely customize your own layout). But what makes this houseboat truly special is hidden within those four gray columns: a quartet of hydraulic lifts that can raise the whole structure 40 feet above the ocean floor to prevent flooding. It also comes equipped with a 272 horsepower motor, so you can move around as you please, and solar panels on the roof that power the whole zero-emissions yacht. But it doesn’t come without a price, as they are slated to sell for $2,000,000 each when they go to market.

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