1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 ‘Survivor’

From a building standpoint, it’s a relatively simple thing to restore a car to its original format – so long as you can get the necessary parts. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to completely reimagine and rebuild an old ride into something new and interesting – as evidenced by this rebuilt 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000.

Built by twin brothers Iliya and Nikita Briden, this little coupe actually went through some serious work (like an engine rebuild) before getting wrecked falling off of a flatbed truck during normal transport. What the pair managed to transform this franken-car into following that is nothing shy of amazing – with Bronco, Defender, and side-by-side salvaged parts going into the new Safari build. It even features a custom-built and 3D-modeled roof rack. And since the guys built it from scratch with no known examples to model it after, this is truly a one-of-a-kind safari vehicle. Bravo, Briden twins.

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