Unyoked Cabins

It used to be that people didn’t trust hermits. Communities both big and small had a hard time making sense of why someone would choose to live on their own. Now the tables have turned. Getting away from everything (at least temporarily) is seen as a crucial part of living a healthy life, and the Unyoked Cabins capitalize on that.

Placed in a secret location in the Australian rainforest, these cabins can only be accessed by foot. Free of the yoke of WiFi, guests are able to get back into a more natural rhythm. They can focus on just relaxing and doing things like hiking, barbecuing, or reading. Of course, just because these tiny rentals are ‘unconnected’ doesn’t mean they’re rough around the edges. Guests will have access to a gas stove, a king-sized bed, hot running water, and a composting toilet. Now if they could only bring one of these to the states.

Book: $200

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