The Fleming Hotel in Hong Kong

When businesses re-furbish, they either end up staying small and simply repainting, or they try and completely reinvent themselves with an overhaul of their previous style. The Fleming Hotel went with the latter option.

Located in Wan Chai, a Hong Kong neighborhood famous for its thriving nightlife, this 66-room hotel has re-fashioned itself with a mix of maritime and mid-century design. The designers took much of their inspiration from a famous ferry in Hong Kong’s harbor called the Hong Kong Star. Operational since 1888, the boat has a distinctly old-timey feel (especially compared to the city’s soaring skyline) that also manages to feel proud and refined. The same could be said for the Fleming Hotel. Each room is made to feel like a cabin in a boat. Many of the finer details – like light switches, lighting fixtures, and faucets – are made from brass, resulting in a striking palette of deep reds, browns, and brass.

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