Surface Wall-Mounted Wood Speakers

For a long time audiophiles and designers alike have been content with the decidedly inelegant design of home speakers. Everyone was willing to make the tradeoff of having a series of big, black boxes around their apartment so long as it meant they got great audio as a result. Recently, however, the tolerance for large cuboid speakers has grown thin. And thanks to this change in taste, we’re now seeing more audio equipment like the Surface Wall-Mounted Wood Speakers.

Made from sanded and colored walnut and set against a high quality driver, these wall-mounted speakers are engineered to sound as good as they look. All buyers need to do in order to operate the hidden speakers is connect via Bluetooth with their phone and hit play. Measuring in at 3 by 2.5-foot in size, the speakers are large enough to look like a piece of modern art and substantial enough to fill the entire room with sound.

Purchase: $1181

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