Steve McQueen’s Le Mans Racing Suit

The film Le Mans has always stood out from its peers because of how realistically it depicted the grueling and dramatic endurance race that was its namesake. Now, for the second time, Steve McQueen’s iconic race suit from that movie is being put up for sale.

More than just being a cheap prop, the Hinchman race suit and Bell helmet on auction at Bonhams were actually worn by Steve McQueen while racing the 1970 24-Hours at Le Mans. Rather than confining himself to a studio lot, McQueen brought the film’s production across the Atlantic in order to shoot footage during the actual race. Not only did that decision help imbue the film with a level of authenticity, but it gives the suit itself a downright historic feel. No wonder it is going for so much money. Right now, all three items; the pants, the jacket, and the helmet are up on Bonhams as a package and slated for auction on the 6th of December.

Purchase: $400,000+

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