Staresso Espresso Maker

For a long time cafes all but had a monopoly on espresso drinks. Sure, some folks had percolators and even fancy at-home espresso machines, but few really compared to what a barista could whip up. Thankfully, baristas are no longer your only option. There is now a wide array of accessible and easy to use espresso makers out there like this model from Staresso.

All you need to get this Red Dot Award-winning machine running is a little bit of coffee, hot water, and elbow grease. Users simply fill the coffee basket with grounds and then screw it into the top portion of the maker. Once secure, you pour hot water into the catch, screw down the top, and start pumping. As you pump, pressure will build in the cavity – pushing the hot water through the grounds and out into a cup. Want to foam up some milk? Just repeat the same process with warm milk. The portable espresso maker retails for $59.

Purchase: $60

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