Space-Worn Omega Speedmaster

One of the reasons that Omega Speedmasters are so sought after is because of their rich history. Not only are they handsome and well built, but they were worn by the first men to ever land on the moon. So it’s understandable that watch collectors have gotten excited about the news of a Space-Worn Omega Speedmaster hitting the auction block.

This flight-qualified timepiece spent most of its life strapped to the wrist of Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka. Despite retiring in 2012, Padalka is still the record holder for the most cumulative days spent aboard the International Space Station. Over his and his watch’s career, they made a jaw-dropping 2-thousand orbits around the earth, went on 6-hour long space walks, and performed countless tasks. Just by its association with Padalka, it’s likely that this watch has spent more time in space than any other. Included in the auction is the original box, velcro and metal bracelet, and letters of authentication from Padalka himself.

Purchase: $25,000+

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