RED Weapon 8K VV Camera

RED Digital is the Bugatti of the high-end digital camera world and the new Red Weapon 8K VV is their Veyron.

This new camera is worthy of being compared to a hypercar not only because of its astronomical price-tag (just 20K shy of a six-figures), but because of what it has under the hood. The new 40.96 x 21.60mm Monstro sensor in the camera has the ability to shoot 8K quality video at 60 frames per seconds, and boasts 17+ stops of dynamic range along with the ability to snap 35.4 megapixel stills. Most civilians won’t have much need for this kind of performance, but big-time directors and movie studios will surely jump at the chance to purchase these for their next big blockbuster. This new camera will fist be made available to the broader public early 2018.

Purchase: $80,000

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