Pimax 8K VR Headset

When the Oculus Rift first emerged onto the tech scene, it was a revolutionary project that propelled virtual reality into the common lexicon. Now, a wide array of competitors have emerged. None of them are perhaps as formidable, however, as the new Pimax 8K VR headset – which has taken the crown of the most funded VR project in Kickstarter history.

There’s good reason that this project has raised over $2.5 million: it solves some of the most basic and persistent virtual reality issues. Namely its seamless 3840x2160x2 resolution super HD displays (that’s over 16 million pixels) gets rid of the all-too-common “screen door effect” (a pixel separation issue that makes looking at most VR screens seem like looking through a screen door). It also features an extra wide format that gives users the experience of real-world peripheral vision. It can also be used in sitting, standing, or room mode – meaning you can customize your preferred play style – offers both gesture and eye tracking, and is shockingly lightweight despite all its features. This game changing VR headset can be backed now on Kickstarter starting at $799.

Kickstarter: $799+

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