GovPlanet: Military Humvees For Under $5,000

For the most part, we’re pretty skeptical of too-good-to-be-true pricing on cars. More often than not, there is a pretty good reason for a something being listed as dirt cheap. These military-grade Humvees from GovPlanet, however, have us seriously considering throwing caution to the wind.

Some of the listings on GovPlanet, a platform built for state, local, and federal agencies to sell their used and surplus equipment, are priced as low as $3,000. Think about it for a second. For the price of three iPhone Xs, you could get yourself a bulletproof off-road machine for tooling around backcountry trails or for daily tasks like tactical grocery shopping. And from what we can tell – GovPlanet actually does a pretty good job listing all of the pertinent details a buyer would want to know. Click on any listings and you’ll see their rating on the quality of Humvee’s transmission, engine, starter, fuel system, and more. [H/T: Gear Patrol]

Purchase: $3,000+

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