Diamond House By OZ Architects

When left to their own devices, architects can certainly dream up some wild, gorgeous living spaces. Take the Diamond House by Oz Architects for instance.

Developed for private equity and with no specific client in mind, the small team was free to let their creative juices flow. As a result, the Amsterdam-based firm ended up building a home with a distinct character and identity. They accomplished this by using sharp lines and smooth concrete to complement the gorgeous 11,840 square-foot oceanside property in the Exuma district of the Bahamas. Those severe concrete walls not only created a sense of privacy for the inhabitants, but they cordoned off the area immediately surrounding the home into discrete spaces for doing everything from dining to simply laying out in the sun. The first floor of the home boasts a garage and guest bedrooms while the top floor has a master bedroom, pool, and deck for observing gorgeous sunsets.

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