Delfast Electric Bike

There’s no denying the convenience of electric bikes. But their biggest drawback is undoubtedly their limited range. But that’s not an issue for the Delfast eBike; this battery powered and pedal assisted commuter has a range of up to 236 miles per charge.

For reference, that’s a better range than most electric cars on the market today. And other electric bikes don’t even come close. But the power isn’t the only benefit, as this bike can also hit speeds of up to 34 mph, comes in a range of available colors, has both front and rear LEDs for low-light riding, and has a digital display to feed you information while you ride. It even comes with app connectivity for GPS navigation and has a smart security system. It comes in three models: the standard Prime, a faster but less economical Top model, and a slimmed down Lite version. They’re all on Kickstarter now starting at a price of $2,719.

Kickstarter: $2,719+

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