Chris Burkard x Album Surfboards

For most surfers, the sport is an art form in and of itself. From long drawn-out bottom turns to stylishly carving up and down the face of a wave, there’s something to be said about the ebb and flow of both surfing and the waves themselves. So when photographer Chris Burkard teamed up with San Clemente-based Album Surf to recreate his magnificent photography in the form of a series of elegant surfboards, it simply made sense to us.

Dubbed the Icelandic River Collection, this series of surfboards highlight three different prints from Burkard – all of which document Icelandic glacial rivers found within the volcanic island nation. From here, they’re carefully composed on the canvas of an Album surfboard to the point where each piece of art is so streamlined and blended it looks practically effortless in nature. Featured rivers include the Thjorsa, Tungnaá, and Hólmsá – all of which work together to showcase the art of true adventure. Available now for purchase.

Purchase: $4,500 each

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