ARB Weatherproof Fridge Freezer

Anyone who has gone on a long off-roading or car camping trip knows that it can be hard to plan out what kinds of food to bring along with you. Do you risk having that old cooler leak everywhere, or do you go for PB&J’s for the entire week? Well, one Australian off-roading equipment company has a solution to this dilemma; the ARB Weather Fridge Freezer.

Engineered to stand up to the rigors of car camping, the job site, or 4-wheeling around the backwoods for a weekend – this 63-quart fridge is the perfect choice for storing food. Not only will it keep your lunches and dinners chilled, but thanks to its rugged weatherproof stainless steel construction and tamper-proof bolts, it will keep it protected, too. It can be easily bolted to your truck bed for permanent storage so it won’t roll around the back or get stolen while you’re parked. That means you can bring along whatever type of food fits your fancy without worrying about it going bad, leaking, or being snatched. Long story short – just say no to PB&J.

Purchase: $1,289

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