Adventure Tape

When it comes to quick fixes, almost nothing is better than duct tape. It is strong, versatile, and tough enough to take on a whole slew of tasks. But it isn’t perfect. There are plenty of things that old-school duct tape can’t do that Adventure Tape is perfect for.

Rather than having a sticky back, this highly elastic ‘tape’ stretches and adheres to itself to form an incredibly strong and long-lasting grip. This means you can use it on materials you’d otherwise not want to get adhesive on – like certain types of equipment or clothing. And thanks to its abrasion-resistant and waterproof construction, you can use it on items that get wet or experience daily use. Finally have time to fix that leaky pipe for good? Just unroll your Adventure Tape and put it away for another day. The stuff is durable enough to be used for tasks and quick fixes hundreds of times over. Right now the tape is available in a 9mm, 18mm, and 43mm widths.

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